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Capturing and communicating stories through characterization. 

That’s my mission!

I love finding characters anywhere and everywhere. From fellow humans to furry friends, and even (normally) inanimate objects. Everything has a life and a story, and I’m always looking for ways to tell these stories through my art. My hand-drawn and digital illustrations are created with kids of all ages in mind, so my style tends to gravitate toward slightly silly with a touch of whimsy.


I’m pretty good with words, but I’m even better with pictures. I believe art allows us to shed light on places words can’t quite reach. As an educator at heart, I hope to use visual art to promote learning, understanding, and smiles. I'm currently a freelance illustrator with work that has included children’s literature, designs for print and web, and individual commissions.

Contact me if you have a project that I can help bring to life!




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